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ICE Program

SIS ICE Program

In Case of Emergency (ICE)

One component of any security master plan includes a thorough review of your organizational resilience. This includes developing a contingency for initiating repairs to your critical systems. Your security systems are vital to your business continuity, and when these systems need service, you need a vendor that is reliable and responsive.

Do you have a security vendor that you love to work with? If you answer yes, great! You should. You are paying good money to your vendor, and they should always provide you with a level of service that you would be willing to refer them to anyone you know, without hesitation.

What if your vendor had a work stoppage due to their own system failures, illness, labor dispute, or simply because they have too many customers to adequately service when disaster strikes an area? How long would it take for you to find another vendor that you can trust, who already knows your systems, and is already vetted through your procurement system? How much will you have to pay for this emergency service and how long will it take to get your systems repaired, tested and returned to a normal state? Security Install Solutions believes proper planning prevents poor performance. Our ICE program is designed to help companies address these issues before disaster strikes.

Download our Security Install Solutions ICE Brochure or check out the features of the ICE Program below:

On Boarding

On Boarding

During our initial call Security Install Solutions will work with your organization to understand how you would prefer to initiate the service request. We will identify who is authorized to request service, and provide the names, phone numbers and emails that your personnel can use to initiate the emergency call. We will work with your procurement department to ensure we provide all documentation necessary for us to do business seamlessly, including providing the required W-9 form, Certificates of Insurance, Subcontractor Agreements and review/acceptance of your standard terms and conditions, as well as any other information necessary for invoicing such as invoice format, work order number, PO number, reference number, etc. Security Install Solutions will provide a fixed labor rate sheet identifying service rates during normal business hours, after normal business hours and all observed holidays. We will have one of our service technicians drive to your site to meet with your selected personnel to complete any site specific requirements and logistics including where to park, how to obtain visitor or contractor badges if needed, all points of contact needed to place your systems “on test or in service”, and complete of any required vendor training.




During the initial call, and included with each subsequent ICE call, our technicians will begin learning everything we can know about your facility, your systems and your processes to ensure we have the right staff, the right tools and the right equipment when you need us most. We begin the discovery stage by compiling and organizing a list of each system that may require service, and reviewing any and all documentation you have for each system. We will review your Operating and Maintenance manuals and As-built Drawings to gain a high-level overview of each system. We will go to each panel and device location to determine manufacturer make/model numbers and determine if any special tools, equipment or ladders would be needed for service. We will check the most recent test reports to ensure any previously reported failures have been repaired and that the most critical components were tested and documented properly. We will note facility construction conditions, cabling infrastructure including color codes if used, ceiling heights, junction box locations, device label scheme, spare parts inventory and location, drawing accuracy, testing documentation, testing intervals and a review of the documentation for any service repairs made within the previous 12 months. The discovery stage helps us know what you have, where your critical system components are located and what we may need to bring if you call us with an emergency service need.




During the initial ICE call, our technicians will review all of your existing documentation and will provide a gap analysis. This is where we “fill in the blanks” that are often exposed during a site evaluation. How easy is it to find and follow your O&M manuals and system drawings? Do you have a comprehensive set of data sheets, installation and programming guides and initial test/acceptance documentation? Are all system components, wire pathways and junction locations clearly identified and up to date? Do you have a single resource to find network info, IP addresses, usernames and passwords? Are each of your devices, cabling and control panels properly labeled? During the documentation phase we will capture the information needed to quickly find and fix your systems without wasting valuable time. Good documentation reduces service cost and is the single most important factor is system life-cycle management. After providing the documentation gap analysis, we will then make recommendations for incorporating our system resource documents into your existing O&M package. In the event that we find that your company does not have adequate documentation to simply append or redline with our findings, Security Install Solutions will provide a firm fixed price proposal for complete system design and testing documentation. This documentation package will be customized to your specific needs and can be broken out between system types (physical access control systems, intrusion detection systems, video management systems, intercom systems, network architecture, etc.) and provided in hard and soft copy.


Verification and Testing

Verification & Testing

After our comprehensive discovery and completion of system documentation, our technicians will systematically verify proper operation of your systems. We will work with your selected personnel to place your systems “on test or in service” and thoroughly examine system operation. We will review your most recent test/inspection report for your system and isolate components that have no recorded test documentation. Our technicians will perform load tests on battery backup to your IDS and ensure initial install date and testing documentation is properly affixed to the battery. We will check system tamper and alarm conditions locally and will also verify signals are received at any remote monitoring locations. Security Install Solutions will also verify that device/zone information on the local system matches the information received at the remote monitoring location. We will review remote monitoring call list info with your selected personnel and ensure the remote monitoring facility has captured any special instructions necessary. For UL certified systems that report to an Alarm Investigator rather than local law enforcement, we will initiate a “live” system test to ensure the investigator response times meet the requirements identified on the UL certificate.


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