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Video Surveillance & Management Systems

Video Surveillance & Management SystemsSecurity Install Solutions provides cutting edge technology and comprehensive design to provide real time video surveillance and management solutions for government, industrial and commercial markets. We offer end to end solutions with the highest quality video available on the market today. When selecting a video surveillance system for your facility, it is important to select a product that is easy to use but powerful enough to meet evolving demands. Our video surveillance and management systems can incorporate video analytics to provide specific detection of people and vehicles, while excluding nuisance alarms from environmental conditions, which saves on storage, simplifies automation and reduces the total cost of ownership.

Call one of our experienced consultants today to learn more about our comprehensive video offerings. We offer video systems that can include:

  • High density multi-megapixel solutions
  • License plate recognition
  • Infrared video with detection
  • Video analytics
  • Video optimized lighting systems
  • Adaptive Infrared illumination
  • Remote video management
  • Cloud based video surveillance and storage
  • Video for mobile devices
  • Covert video surveillance and recording
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