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Burglar & Holdup Alarm Systems

Burglar and holdup alarm systems are designed to provide detection, control, communication and response.

Detection Devices

Detection Devices

  • Perimeter Detection: balanced magnetic switches, door/window contacts, glass break sensors, shock detectors, photoelectric beams, video analytics
  • Interior Detection:  passive infrared motion detectors, microwave motion detectors, dual technology motion detectors, pressure mats, video analytics
  • Environmental Monitoring:  high temperature, low temperature, moisture, humidity, light/dark



Control PanelThe user interface to the control panel is typically a keypad that allows the user to send commands to the control panel, the “brains” of the system.  All detection devices communicate with the control panel.  The control panel determines when alarm activity is communicated with the appropriate authority and/or via audible sounder (such as a siren) based upon arm/disarm status and/or schedule.



Communication via SMS TextOlder alarm systems communicate with manned central stations via telephone service. Modern systems provided by SIS can communicate with a managed notification and control service, ConnectOne, as well as to our state-of-the-art central station via network and cellular communication. Many of our systems can also communicate directly with the end user via SMS text message service.



Response via Law Enforcement/Guards - courtesy of Hans ThoursieThe ultimate goal of any alarm system is to provide adequate information in a timely manner so the appropriate authority can respond to the site.  Alarm investigator response can be in the form of law enforcement, guard service or, in some cases, self response from the end user.SIS provides the systems utilizing the most reliable equipment and services available in order to ensure appropriate response in the fastest possible time.

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