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Integrated Security Systems

Commercial - Office BuildingIn the security industry, system integration has been loosely defined as disparate security systems, including but not limited to Physical Access Control Systems, Video Surveillance & Management Systems, Burglar & Holdup Alarm Systems and Intercom Systems, which are physically and/or logically connected in order to provide specific functionality that each system cannot perform on their own, or to automate or streamline processes.

At Security Install Solutions we expand this definition to include any large and/or complex construction projects that include installation of new, or modification of existing, security systems. We know that for any large, complex project to be successful, all personnel involved need to be “integrated” in order to operate as one team.  Security Install Solutions understands construction contracting tiers and the importance of looking beyond the traditional security construction scope in order to collaborate with the entire design and construction team.

While we are truly experts at designing, installing and servicing security systems, we also know that large, complex projects require a level of team work between trades that most of the larger security companies don’t (or won’t) perform and that most of the smaller security companies are not qualified for. Certified payroll, bonding capacity, design/engineering support, submittal/approval processes, permit application and closeout process, safety meetings, specialized training for hazardous materials, government clearances, flow down requirements and many other elements of large, complex projects are a stumbling block for most security companies.

Security Install Solutions has the experience and resources necessary to integrate our PEOPLE, our PRODUCTS and our PROCESS into your construction team in order to complete your projects on time and within budget.

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